The following are just a few of the spaces visitors will see once they arrive at the Museum.  Each area of the Museum features stunning graphics and displays, all designed to effectively tell the story and the history of the 390th Bomb Group.  The Museum continues to work to create new displays for an ever-changing Museum experience.

390th Paintings

I’ll Be Around

390th Nose Art By Robert W. Waltz

The naming of an aircraft did not, in itself, make a crew. Nor did it necessarily generate an unshakeable “esprit de corps”. It had, however, an influence which would be difficult to measure. During our search for information, Dave Parry (568th Squadron) reminded us that “one of the most cherished traditions of the 8th Air Force was to let the Airplane Commander have complete control over the naming of his aircraft… The sentimental titles that the crews bestowed on their Fortresses, which could only be done in combat zones, were a most significant morale factor in the team effort and the “buddy” emotion which existed among them.

Exhibit Photos

Killed in Service Memorial

Return to Station 153

Photos taken on Liberty Belle’s trip to England in July, 2008.

Vintage Photography