Share Your Love of History…With Great People.

Each year, dedicated volunteers contribute over 14,000 hours and are appreciated as the eyes, ears, and heartbeat of our museum. Volunteers receive training, work on a regular schedule, and participate in special museum events. Currently, we have nearly 40 volunteers who maintain a friendly and inspired atmosphere.

To get started, please give us a call or fill out the form below. You will receive notification by our Volunteer Coordinator for a general interview within one week. Tasks can be assigned based on your strengths, but the primary duties of our volunteers lie in being a docent (educating the public) or in our research department (responding to research requests from museum members and visitors).

Whether you decide to be a docent or wish to work in research, you will have the unique opportunity to affect the lives of people from around the world…each and every day you come to ‘work’!

390th Memorial Museum Volunteer Application