Cigarette Lighter

A small cigarette lighter produced by Kem Inc. for use as part of a serviceman’s basic survival kit.

Type A-11 Wristwatch

A government-issue type A-11 wristwatch that belonged to Andrew W. Barone, a navigator assigned to the 570th Bomb Squadron.


This piece of “sweetheart jewelry” originally belonged to Mrs. E. Jones, the wife of a USAAF ground crew member who had been assigned to the 569th Bomb Squadron during the war. Sweetheart jewelry was a popular and fashionable way for people back on the home front to demonstrate their support of the war effort by showing support for their loved ones. This earring sports the prop and wings emblem (a symbol that was commonly used in the Army Air Force) – a perfect way for the wearer to tell people exactly which military branch their significant other was serving in.

“Husband Overseas” Sweetheart Pin

“Sweetheart pins” such as this one would have been worn by someone whose spouse was serving in the military overseas, and were a fashionable way for people on the Home Front to demonstrate their support for the war effort on a personal level. This particular pin belonged to Mrs. E. Jones, the wife of Richard O. Jones, a ground crew member assigned to the 569th Bomb Squadron.

Shaving Kit

English-made shaving kit that belonged to an unidentified member of the 390th Bomb Group. The case is sealed by two metal plates that can be removed by pressing the corresponding button on either end of the case.

Leather Wallet

A leather wallet that belonged to an unidentified member of the 390th Bomb Group.

Ralph Spence’s Dog Tags

This set of dog tags originally belonged to Ralph K. Spence, a waist gunner assigned to the 568th Bomb Squadron. The information punched into the tag includes Spence’s name, serial number, blood type (“O”), name of next of kin, street address, city/state, and religious affiliation (“Protestant”).

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